"Pitliuk has created a style that will endear him to those who venture into the collection of modern art; it challenges the intellect and tickles the funny bone at the same time."

Sharon Lorenzo - Art Historian

" Artist Stephen Pitliuk introduces something bold to the island... [his] Pop Art stands out on an island inundated with landscape paintings."

"Pitliuk, an island resident for [fifteen] years, comes to us from Miami, Florida. His work hangs in many private and corporate collections throughout the country... [The] vibrant colors and the rhythm of his native South Florida are definitely reflected in his work. His latest pieces, which burst through the prosaic treadmill of the New England art scene with a vengeance, bring anything from a raised eyebrow, to hysterical laughter to the viewer. Politically incorrect at best, and always with a smile, a balance of humor and commentary as an art form that is very often attempted and very rarely succeeds. In this case though, it has. Pitliuk's latest body of work seems to have hit the bull's eye of what makes Nantucketers tick.

A fantastic mix of Post Modern meets Pop, meets Dadaism, meets Jean Michael Basquait, and then some, all wrapped up in an airtight package, aimed like a heat seeking missile with uncanny precision.

Indeed, and at long last, a refreshing change from the ordinary has taken place on our little island. Let's not be afraid."



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